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The SAMEE Charity is proud to offer the UK’s first bespoke supported self-employment internship programme for special educational needs learners, Inclusive learning that works for all.

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Self-employment and entrepreneurship has become an increasingly popular route into work for people with disabilities. Offering disabled people the chance to create a job and a way of working that suits their individual personal preferences, abilities and health needs.

Our ‘ Steps into Self-Employment '  programme has been accredited as a level 1 customised qualification by NCFE and is available to learners without the need for Maths and English.

As Disability Confident Leaders, we are able to demonstrate our commitment to raising the aspirations of disabled people through the teaching of self-employment skills and supporting them in their journey to earning an independent income.

Through our innovative self-employment support for disabled people and the established partnerships we have with referral partners, we have achieved many significant outcomes for people with learning difficulties and additional needs, enabling them to secure sustainable self-employment or a traditional employed role.

Together with the SAMEE teams individualized guidance and support, disabled people are able to articulate their dreams and aspirations for their futures.
For some learners, their clear aspiration is to enter the world of work and live independently.

To support this goal, we have created a groundbreaking Steps into Self-Employment programme which teaches valuable self-employment skills and fully addresses the holistic needs of disabled learners including neurodivergent learners.

*I.E -  neurodivergent people may be diagnosed with autism, ADHD, OCD, dyspraxia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, or tourette's.

Our Steps into Self-Employment programme consists of 4 distinct modules :

 Sharing with You
 Knowing What to Do
 Seeing it Through
 Reflect and Review

CDI - Award Winning Post 16 Programme

The course is co-designed to increase the possibility and probability of sustainable self-employment as a positive outcome for all disabled learners. By engaging with one consistent adviser, families and other members of the circle of support, learners will have a real chance of achieving their dreams of greater independence.

SAMEE has a proven track record of supporting people with learning difficulties into sustainable self-employment. The disabled people we work with are highly valued within their communities due to their consistent work ethic and commitment to their business.

We believe more learners with special educational needs should be encouraged to explore self-employment skills to see if they are able to create a sustainable role for themselves, one which fits in with their disability and challenges.

Steps into Self-Employment

Through our programme, learners can expect to develop :

 Self-employment skills including bookkeeping, diary management and social media marketing.
 Business planning skills including customer research, test marketing tools and a planning canvas.
 A supported self-employed role.


This is achieved by :

 Completing activities which will support their self-employment aspirations.
 Attending weekly one-to-one self-employment skills building sessions using the resources and materials from our unique qualification programme.

We are committed to increasing the possibility and probability of sustainable self-employment for people with special educational needs.

BASE Member 2024/25 - Samee Charity

Samee is a member of BASE.

BASE is the national voice for providers of specialist employment support.

Especially promoting the principles and delivery of high quality Supported Employment services and work to improve the employment rates of disabled people.BASE - British Association for Supported Employment

Meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks


The Eight Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance

 A stable careers programme.

 Learning from career and labour market information.

 Addressing the needs of each pupil.

 Linking curriculum learning to careers.

 Encounters with employers and employees.

 Experiences of workplaces.

 Encounters with further and higher education.

 Personal guidance.

Gatsby Benchmarks - SAMEE meet 6/8

At SAMEE we meet 6 of these benchmarks currently and we are able to offer careers education, information, advice and guidance with our Level 6 qualified Careers Advisers and our Level 7 qualified Self-Employment Advisers.

The Gatsby Foundation,The Careers & Enterprise Company together with Disability Rights UK, aim to inspire Careers Leaders, Teachers and all those working with young people having "Special Educational Needs and Disabilities" to use the Gatsby Benchmarks in order to create a strong career guidance programme for each and every young person.

The changes that we make today . . .

Empower our future generations on their journey of self learning & worth . . .

New Economics Foundation (2020)

SAMEE creates an estimated £8.56 Million in social value per annum at a cost of £73,860 . . .
Which implies a benefit-cost ratio of 115.9 to 1.
This implies that for every £1 spent - £115.92 of social value is created.
This is an exceptionally high benefit-cost ratio, driven by the sharp improvement in wellbeing and employment outcomes reported and the high level of attribution to SAMEE as opposed to other factors.

New Economic Foundation (2020)

As shown above : This was our impact in 2020 - Now move on to 2023/24 . . .

SAMEE has grown & improved since that point - It would be interesting to re-run the report . . .

New Ecomonics Foundation
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Learn more about how to support young people with SEND to prepare for adulthood including Pathways to Self Employment.



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You've Got This Bristol
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